Pregnancy massage 

Congratulations on becoming a mum-to-be!

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but along with that can come aches, pains and tiredness. The extra weight can cause problems in muscles and joints leading to disturbed sleep patterns and water retention.

 Pregnancy is therefore is a time when you would benefit, more than any other, from a relaxing massage.

The benefits can  include:

  • reducing oedema, blood pressure and stress
  • relieving varicose veins
  • contributing to developing flexibility to actively participate in the birth process
  • reducing musculoskeletal strain and pain.

This 2 hour treatment has been adapted to each stage of your pregnancy.

 It will involve work on areas where common problems occur  including the spine and pelvis, legs, buttocks  and abdomen.

You will be positioned on your side with lots of cushions for comfort and support.

The massage will end seated in a chair with a  relaxing head and face massage ( or massage of your choice)

Feel free to bring your own relaxation music or hypno-birthing music  with you, to enable you to prepare for labour. 

Pregnancy massage is perfectly safe throughout pregnancy, however to be on the safe side, pregnancy massage will only be offered after your first scan at around 12-14 weeks.

To As a trained midwife I have the background knowledge, along with a Diploma in Swedish massage and further training in pregnancy massage, so you can relax and know you are in safe hands.

1 1/2 hour treatment £60

2 hour treatment costs £75

2 hour home visit £100 plus any parking charges ( not available at present) 

Pregnancy and postnatal package £330

 - includes 2 x 2 hour pregnancy massages, a baby massage course and  2 x 1.5 hour postnatal massages

See for more details 

"I was a little apprehensive about having a massage at 38 weeks pregnant as I was so uncomfortable by that stage. Anne however, quickly made me feel at ease and , with her clever positioning of pillows, I was soon able to relax.

I have previously had a mum-to-be pampering type of massage at a spa, but I felt this massage was much more beneficial. Anne expertly identified problem areas and worked on them according to my own comfort levels. Pain and tension that I had felt in my back and shoulders were relieved and I had the best night sleep in months! My legs,hips and pelvis felt more comfortable too and being able to fully relax felt like great preparation for labour.

 Two hours of feeling totally pampered. Just what every pregnant woman needs!!" - Ali ( May 2010)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my massage yesterday. I feel like a new woman! Almost all the pain has gone in my hip and I feel great. Thanks again, I will be back soon " - Jennifer  ( January 2013)

" Thank you for the pregnancy massage , it was the best massage I've had full stop, not just in pregnancy!" (Laura Oct 2014)

“I had a brilliant 2 hours pregnancy massage today which was absolutely brilliant exactly what I needed. Highly recommended and I know what I am saying because I am a massage therapist myself and I will recommend Anne to my pregnant clients (because I do not specialize in pregnancy massage my 'baby' is lomi lomi massage) Thanks again and I will be back for more 😁”  (Karina August 2018)

Post Natal massage

Your tailored post natal massage will be based on your pregnancy, birth and current post natal needs.

During pregnancy your tendons loosen and soften and can cause extra stress on the weight bearing joints especially the hips , pelvis, knees and ankles.  This can lead to problems later on in life, like chronic back ache.

This massage involves deeper massage on those affected joints and includes stretches.

 Work may involve massage on your caesarian section scar to help break down scar tissue.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful massage you gave me today. Sorry for falling asleep, but you really are magic !!  That is the best massage I've had, and I've had lots." -Eileen

1 1/2 hour post natal massage   £65,  home visit £90

" Just wanted to let you know that my back has never felt so good after your post natal massage.  I have had no pain for the first time in about a year. You have magic hands. Thank you" -  Claire (January 2011)