Infant massage has many benefits to the baby. Research has shown that it can -

  • improve sleep patterns
  • relieve colic, constipation and teething pains.
  • aid digestion
  • strengthen the bond between you and your baby
  • stimulate the baby's physical growth and emotional development
  • boost the immune and lymphatic system
  • have a calming effect on both baby and parent

The course includes adaptations for the older child. 

Infant massage also benefits the parent and -

  • can help new parents feel more confident handling their baby
  • can help with post natal depression
  • aids with your understanding of your baby, as you learn to read your baby's body language
  • provides quality one to one time with your baby
  • is fun and relaxing
  • provides the opportunity to meet other parents

" Massaged infants are more active, gain weight faster and become more efficient. It's amazing how much information is communicable in a touch " - Dr.Tiffany Field, Touch Research Centre, University of Miami.