DADS' BABY MASSAGE SESSION WITH LET'S STICK TOGETHER PRESENTATION - this is a complimentary session on demand, any Sunday morning at 9.30am - see”home” page for next planned course. 

On request, on Sunday mornings, I am available to do a massage refresher/reunion course for dads and mums. It is held at 9.30am at Charlotte Chapel - Shandwick Place in the Rose Room (first floor, access by Stafford Street )  The massage session is only open to  those who have previously been through my course (dads are very welcome to come and do some massage too) Due to the early start, feel free to bring your baby in pyjamas and change after the massage part!

This massage part is for precrawlers only. It will be followed by breakfast at 10am (open to all) and then a 30 minute session at 10.15am  looking at how having a new baby in the home, can affect your relationship with your partner. Please feel free to invite your friends from 10.00 onwards to this part of the session. There is no charge for this session.

 The "Let's Stick Together" session at 10.00 - 10.30am is open to anyone, so please feel free to bring a friend.

This is a short, non-interactive presentation covering 3 subjects  :-

stopping bad habits

 starting good habits 

 getting dad involved. 


As I volunteer with the charity Care For The Family, there is no charge for these Sunday morning sessions. 

Car parking is free on Sunday. Please book in for these sessions so I know how many breakfasts are required! Please check this page before you come as I may cancel if there is no demand for the advertised session. Thank you! 

Care For The Family is a charity whose focus is to support families, and is based on the three pillars -

Marriage/ relationships


Family bereavement 

The Let's Stick Together Course was developed  as statistics show that many relationships break down in the early years of their child's life. What if parents are warned early, that this might happen and that they should take care of themselves  and not just their baby ?

These three practical, easy to apply, tips are to help keep the parents' relationship strong. It is based on years of researching what makes relationships the best they can be, and comes from the book by Harry Benson "Let's Stick Together".

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the presentation of the ""Let's Stick Together" course . I've been talking to my husband about the issues you raised and already things are better. I haven't  been able to enjoy weekends much for quite a while but this weekend has been really lovely! So thanks!"

"Thank you for another great session this morning. Speaking to a few of the mums afterwards, we are really glad you offered to do the relationship chat - no one wanted to admit in front of the group but I think quite a few of us have found that having a baby has put quite a strain on our relationship with our partners "


Come and enjoy 1.5 hours of coffee, tray bakes, chat and massage with your old group.   These are held in my home . 

This is £10 per person. Bring your bottle and get a free topup of oil .

( minimum of 4 mums) 


A refresher is also available for those who have been through the Older Child Massage Course.

 Come and enjoy an evening of massage with other mums and practice on each other and learn some new techniques.

The session lasts 2 hours and includes a top up of oil . Cost is £10 for session.