Child massage training course - as recommended by Edinburgh Parent Centre

This is a lovely course that will allow you to confidently massage your child throughout their life.

As a child grows, the stresses of life increase. Through massage a parent may connect with their child in a quiet, one to one time. If there is an ache or pain, then you can make it better by gently massaging your child, or those anxious moments before an exam, or a first day at school, when a child will know that you are there for them. This quiet, relaxed, private time can provide precious moments where your child may open up and share their  worries and concerns with you. A child will often open up more when they are relaxed and not giving you eye contact.

Regular massage can help children with asthma (peak flow readings improve by 24-57% after a month of daily massage by mum), eczema, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, diabetes, depression. juvenile arthritis (helping reduce pain), paediatric oncology (research shows it boosts the immune system) and improves children's self esteem.

I started setting a weekly, time aside, to massage my own children over 10 years ago and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have done, as a mum, for my children. My children sometimes chat or share their concerns or sometimes we just laugh and have fun as we do the weather massage or letter game together. 

The 4 week course involves  3 x 2 hour weekly, evening sessions with a further 2 hour, review evening a month later.

The course is designed to teach parents basic massage techniques, to use on their children, aged  2-18 years.

The massage is taught without the children present and will involve you practising on each other or on large dolls. The course is held in my south Edinburgh home.

If you would like a one to one session please contact me for details.

Each session will involve a practical session and theory and covers

  • introducing the idea of massage
  • timing and asking permission
  • contra-indications of massage
  • oils, positioning and environment
  • the benefits of massage
  • research in to child massage
  • Massage in Schools routine 
  • games and massage stories
  • basic Swedish massage routine

Cost : £80  

This includes:

4 week course

high quality oils



30 minute complimentary massage for mum - to experience massage for yourself ( non- transferable)

Hosting a course in your home will cost £300 for the 4 sessions -  (includes all of the above but a complimentary massage for the host only)

"Anne - a huge thank you. I loved your child massage course. It was a real treat for me to learn the techniques and also to experience massage for myself in the practice sessions. Most members of my family have enjoyed "hands on" attention from it. Your enthusiasm for massage and its multiple benefits are infectious and I'm inspired to keep on practising." - Allison ( children age 16 and 14)

"I really enjoyed the course. At first massaging older children seemed an odd idea , but I wanted to learn more. The course taught me the basics of what to do and when to do it and swapping experiences made me realise that my experience was not unique. Massage keeps the lines of communication open with your teenager that may otherwise be closed, it's a chance to spend time with your child when you are not nagging them or they are not talking back." - Joanne (  children age 14.12 and 9 years)

"This is one of the best things I have done for my boys. As they spend increasing amounts of time with their friends, their DS and at school clubs, I found I was spending less quality time with them. Now I spend quality one on one time with them each week giving them a massage, even if it is only 10 or 15 mins. They love it and so do I! They are calmer and sleep better after a massage. The classes were calm , relaxed and friendly and I felt completely at ease. It felt like "me time".  I would recommend Anne's Massage for Children Course to anyone who wants to build a closer relationship with their children, or who would like to help their children relax and become calmer."  Anna ( boys age 5 and 7)

" I've really enjoyed the massage class. It's great to have this skill which all the family can benefit from. They are queueing up for a massage regularly" - Ruth  ( boys age 14 and 17 years old)

"I have been so inspired by the benefits of massage as a result of attending Anne's massage classes, that I am now encouraging patients and colleagues alike to seek massage for their general wellbeing. Being able to perform massage for my family is a joy and I am amazed to find that performing massage can be as beneficial to the giver as it is to the recipient!" - Susan, GP, Edinburgh

Comments from boys whose mum has massaged regularly for a few years-

"I feel  relaxed and calm"

"I feel happy but not over-excited"

"It makes me sleepy"

"It stops me thinking about fighting with my brother"

"It feels the same when I do the massage except that I am moving"! ( after massaging his mum) 

"It's really good"

"It makes me feel really calm  and like its the best day ever"